This suite of documents is intended to introduce best practice for the community groups involved with archaeology, and in so doing increase the broader, public benefit of voluntary archaeological work. If good practice is followed, we can all help to minimise the unnecessary destruction of the archaeological resource and maximise the lasting value of the results of archaeological work.

ISGAP does not provide step-by step ‘how to’ instruction for particular methods. Instead it highlights standard procedures for carrying out archaeological research and investigation, including what your legal obligations are, and sources for further advice or information.

Each section is contained as a separate module that can be downloaded. We recommend that, whichever specific modules you look at, you always refer to the General Principles listed in the [Introduction](/docs/1) (Module 1), and that you give due consideration to the issues raised in [Stewardship](/docs/2) (Module 2).

Modules 12-17 should also all be useful reference points for you, whatever elements of archaeological work you decide to engage in. We hope that ISGAP will help you to make informed and appropriate decisions as to the work that you undertake, and enable you to get the most out of your results.